How to build a TechValley

Silicon Valley wasn't built on a bunch of social websites, it was built on hardware, design, manufacturing, innovation and creation!

For anyplace to be a TechCenter, training for it comes first.

- What the L'Robotorium Shop Does -

1. Teach 3D CAD Modeling/Design -and- Mentor users as needed
2. Teach how to use Desktop Manufacturing Machines
3. Teach robotics basics ... basic electronics, mechanics, programming
using the RoboGuts™ circuit board and Lesson Kits
4. 3D printing and finishing
5. Help Members to Dream, Innovate and Create

- What the L'Robotorium Shop Needs -

<> One large room ... 1,000 sq.ft. or more
Empty shop space near a hardware and electronics store

<> Large front windows so passerbyers can see the robotic machines in the windows building robot parts and kits.

<> Near mass transit system in larger cities

<> FREE Parking

<> Near a Convention Center might work so we can host international robotics competitions at the Convention Center.

<> Nearby Food and Drink (e.g., Restaurants, Diners, Snack Shops)

Furniture, Computers, Tools and Materials:
<> Desks & Chairs

<> Instructional Computers and WorksStations

<> Small work tools ... screw drivers, needle nose pliers etc...

<> Small work tables for member projects and table stands for desktop machines

<> RAW Materials needed for the different machines to manufacture members and shop products

<> SolidWorks for several instructional workstations

<> CorelDraw for several instructional workstations

<> Applicable machineware for several instructional workstations

More Machines than the one I already own
a BFB 3D Touch Rapid Prototype Plastic Printer

<> Laser cutter/engraver

<> Small 3D Plastic Printers

<> Rapid Prototype Machines

<> 3-5 axis desktop CNC Mill,

<> Simpler 3 axis desktop CNC Mill

<> Recycle Plastic Filament Extruder

<> Recycle Plastic Brick Making Machine

What will we do with all this?
Starting with myself ... I will teach and "mentor" members as they work on their personal projects.

Later, add regular members and/or college students earning college credits and a little extra money to "mentor" too.

Allow members access to the Education, Software and Machines so they can create and innovate and explore ideas that might become the next "must-have" gadget.

All mentors will be instructors for the formal classes.
All mentors will act as Safety personel to protect members from machines and machines from members.

Hold formal scheduled classes;
<> Basic Robot Hardware

<> Basic Robot Mechanics

<> Basic Robot Electronics

<> CorelDra 2D CAD Design

<> BASIC and c Robot Programming

<> SolidWorks 3D CAD Modeling and Design

<> Soldering Class

<> 3D Plastic Printing

<> 3-Axis CNC Milling

<> 4-Axis CNC Milling

<> Circuit Board Design

<> 3D Rapid Prototyping

<> 2D Laser Engraving/Cutting

The Results? We will help members ... young children to seniors;
<> learn to create

<> learn to innovate

<> learn to use existing technologies to create new products

<> learn to create new technologies - to develop and build new industries

- to become the future ... the engineers of Silicon Beach -

How do Members Pay for all of this?

Membership Dues are $20/month
Basic membership provides you access to the shop to work on your projects with mentors ready to help as needed.

Annual PrePaid Unlimited L'Robotorium Shop membership and access is $1,500/year.
(Unlimited Access means you can be here all day every day and monitor any of the basic classes FREE.)
(NOTE: This does not preclude Parent/Legal Guardian requirements with children for some programs.)

Members Day use of L'Robotorium Shop;

<> Children under 12-years old = $3/hr. (During the AfterSchool program.)

12-18 year old L'Robotorium Shop members $5/hr. (During the High School program.)

<> Over 18-year old L'Robotorium Shop members $10/hr. or $50/day

<> Over 55-year old L'Robotorium Shop members $8/hr. or $40/day

<> Parent/Legal Guardian and one child L'Robotorium Shop members $10/hr. or $50/day

My Successful Training for K-6 +

2012 L'Robotorium Shop at Long Beach Sea Base Boy Scouts a Success

2011 Boys & Girls Club Successful 3-Months!

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Surely you want local children have this giant leap in education and skills ...

more visuals;

HD Video

How do you pay for the use of the name "L'Robotorium Shop"?
Send me Walt Perko 1% of your profits and my royalty fees from selling my designs and books so I can continue to build L'Robotorium Shops everywhere!

2015 Robot Trading Cards

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