How to build a TechValley

Silicon Valley wasn't built on a bunch of social websites, it was built on hardware, design, manufacturing, innovation and creation!

For anyplace to be a TechCenter, training for it comes first.

- What the L'Robotorium Shop Does -

1. Teach 3D CAD Modeling/Design -and- Mentor users as needed
2. Teach how to use Desktop Manufacturing Machines
3. Teach robotics basics ... basic electronics, mechanics, programming
using the RoboGuts™ circuit board and Lesson Kits
4. 3D printing and finishing
5. Help Members to Dream, Innovate and Create

- What the L'Robotorium Shop Needs -

<> One large room ... 1,000 sq.ft. or more
Empty shop space near a hardware and electronics store

<> Large front windows so passerbyers can see the robotic machines in the windows building robot parts and kits.

<> Near mass transit system in larger cities

<> FREE Parking

<> Near a Convention Center might work so we can host international robotics competitions at the Convention Center.

<> Nearby Food and Drink (e.g., Restaurants, Diners, Snack Shops)

Furniture, Computers, Tools and Materials:
<> Desks & Chairs

<> Instructional Computers and WorksStations

<> Small work tools ... screw drivers, needle nose pliers etc...

<> Small work tables for member projects and table stands for desktop machines

<> RAW Materials needed for the different machines to manufacture members and shop products

<> SolidWorks for several instructional workstations

<> CorelDraw for several instructional workstations

<> Applicable machineware for several instructional workstations

More Machines than the one I already own
a BFB 3D Touch Rapid Prototype Plastic Printer

<> Laser cutter/engraver

<> Small 3D Plastic Printers

<> Rapid Prototype Machines

<> 3-5 axis desktop CNC Mill,

<> Simpler 3 axis desktop CNC Mill

<> Recycle Plastic Filament Extruder

<> Recycle Plastic Brick Making Machine

What will we do with all this?
Starting with myself ... I will teach and "mentor" members as they work on their personal projects.

Later, add regular members and/or college students earning college credits and a little extra money to "mentor" too.

Allow members access to the Education, Software and Machines so they can create and innovate and explore ideas that might become the next "must-have" gadget.

All mentors will be instructors for the formal classes.
All mentors will act as Safety personel to protect members from machines and machines from members.

Hold formal scheduled classes;
<> Basic Robot Hardware

<> Basic Robot Mechanics

<> Basic Robot Electronics

<> CorelDra 2D CAD Design

<> BASIC and c Robot Programming

<> SolidWorks 3D CAD Modeling and Design

<> Soldering Class

<> 3D Plastic Printing

<> 3-Axis CNC Milling

<> 4-Axis CNC Milling

<> Circuit Board Design

<> 3D Rapid Prototyping

<> 2D Laser Engraving/Cutting

The Results? We will help members ... young children to seniors;
<> learn to create

<> learn to innovate

<> learn to use existing technologies to create new products

<> learn to create new technologies - to develop and build new industries

- to become the future ... the engineers of Silicon Beach -

How do Members Pay for all of this?

Affordable Membership Dues if needed.
Basic membership provides you access to the shop to work on your projects with mentors ready to help as needed.

Annual PrePaid L'Robotorium Shop membership and access is maybe a little less than monthy membership.
(Access all day every day and monitor any of the classes FREE.)
(NOTE: This does not preclude Parent/Legal Guardian requirements with children for some programs.)

Parents with children enrolled in the After School Program can purchase exended web access to the shop for a local community fee

Members Day use of L'Robotorium Shop;

<> Children under 12-years old During the AfterSchool program pass.

<> 12-18 year old L'Robotorium Shop members High School program 1-2 hours a day maybe FREE.

<> Over 18-year old L'Robotorium Shop members with a monthly member pass.

<> Over 55-year old L'Robotorium Shop members with a monthly senior member pass.

<> Parent/Legal Guardian and one child L'Robotorium Shop family member pass.

My Successful Training for K-6 +

2012 L'Robotorium Shop at Long Beach Sea Base Boy Scouts a Success

2011 Boys & Girls Club Successful 3-Months!

Other similar shops;

More around the world

Want: Kid Friendly Hackerspace in Los Angeles

Surely you want local children have this giant leap in education and skills ...

more visuals;

HD Video

How do you pay for the use of the name "L'Robotorium Shop"?
Send me Walt Perko 1% of your profits and my royalty fees from selling my designs and books so I can continue to build L'Robotorium Shops everywhere!

2015 Robot Trading Cards

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