What is

A place where you will be empowered with
knowledge and skills to innovate and create

“Technology is Freedom, Tech Knowledge is Power!”

Our goal is to educate and help people to learn a little technology!

The L'Robotorium Shop is a house or garage or small building in a family neighborhood that shares space, machines, tools and education.

The people that work in the L'Robotorium Shop are mentors, some maybe college kids earning a few extra $'s and hopefully credits from their college for working in the L'Robotorium Shop. The mentors are there as educators, safety coordinators, security and to help keep everything organized and operating smoothly.

Mentors are neighborhood parents, seniors, even students that have earned the position.

The mentors and college students working in the L'Robotorium Shop will teach small beginner classes and help find solutions for costomer/member projects. They are there to help anybody and everybody that comes in to find the answers and solutions.

The L'Robotorium Shop will sell classes, machine use and some materials keeping the operation as simple as possible, yet as expandable as needed for their neighborhood.

The beginner classes will start with the RoboGuts™ circuit boards and lessons. There will also be classes in 3D CAD Modeling, maybe seperate programming classes for BASIC, c and other languages and other devices.

Hosting a local User Group,
and other 3D CAD Modeling Software Education Monthly!

Robotics that encourages practicing the 7 R's for school
Reading, wRiting, aRithmethic, aRt, Remote control, Robotics and Recycling

One of our goals is to have you run a L'Robotorium Shop in your community!

It's easy, open your garage, setup a table with a PC to teach with, setup spaces for people to come and share ideas and build them into real products.

A small less than $200 desktop 3D printer is great start. Later maybe a small desktop laser engraver/cutter and CNC milling machine.

Using RoboGuts™ circuit boards and building up kits from distributors and selling them to users for profit.

Some communities might even charge membership fees (garage access subscriptions) and small fees for classes on top of kit buying for the class.

It is easy to become a L'Robotorium Shop ... selling RoboGuts™ circuit boards and teaching the "RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program" is the only requirement to own and operate a small home garage L'Robotorium Shop.

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