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“Technology is Freedom, Tech Knowledge is Power!”
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Daily Robot Gaming & Building, Education & Innovation for all ... our goal? 24/7!


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The local User Group Meetings one evening every Month!

Beginner and Advanced SolidWorks Classes for all ages ...

If you can draw a line and a circle on a piece of paper with a pencil, then we can teach you how to create and innovate with .

SolidWorks Classes are $20/hr./person for general classes ... the basic and Advanced classes. Other specialized classes may cost more.

Your shop just wants to focus on mastering SolidWorks Sheet Metal? or SolidWorks 3D Sketching? We can provide smaller focused SolidWorks classes just for your employees for $50/hr./person

Member children under 12-years of age accompanied with a parent learn for FREE!

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Yes there are investment opportunities with us

One of our goals is to open an L'Robotorium Shop in your community!

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