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Welcome to

Where you will be empowered with
knowledge and skills to innovate and create

Technology is Freedom, Tech Knowledge is Power!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2009 Walt Perko

Our goal? ... 24/7 Daily Robot Gaming, Building, Education and Innovation for all ages.

The concept of the L'Robotorium started in 2006 when I was living in Tucson, AZ. I like playing online FPS/CTF computer games. About 3pm when school let out the servers I was on started filling up with a few younger children that also enjoyed the games, but I soon realized that there were perverts and predators in the games talking to the kids and asking them questions about where they lived, do they know their phone numbers and repeat it to them and some perverts were just teaching these little kids all sorts of sex positions and bad ideas.

This prompted me to really dive into robotics and see if I could make something where young children could play FPS/CTF games with other young children in a home safe/school safe environtment. I mean, what kid doesn't like Robots and Lasers? So I learned some of the latest home hobby robot technology, then began developing the "Castles & Crosses" FPS/CTF Educaitonal Gaming System. The idea was that children would learn good habits, good skills and be encouraged to seek out more education just to be able to play the games better.

I also found that some of my neighbors had dropped out of school early and ended up in very low income jobs, but they were much more intelligent than the jobs they worked at and were looking for ways to move ahead.

At the time I was thinking the name of my house should be a "KickStart House" that helps anybody that comes and knocks on the door to KickStart a new hobby or career path. Anybody could come knocking on the door, I'd try and answer their questions about new career paths, maybe show them some expamples of neat stuff a Telescope and talk about some of the basics of how it works, maintenance ... maybe talk about sheet metal work and some of the machines used and talk about how to find out more about a potential career path they might afford to make their lives better.

Then I moved back to the Bay Area/Silicon Valley to gain access to technology I couldn't find locally to continue the "Castles & Crosses" development and I realized that there was more to educational concept I started developing. Then I began thinking about the name for a shop that would be a house in almost every neighborhood that had a few desktop type manufacturing machines but shared the machines with the neighbors to keep costs at a minimum for everybody to have access to sharing ideas, education and machines. With that I also thought about how the world is a hodge-pod of different cultures, nationalities etc... and that the USA was a melting pot of cultures and nationalities ... and this gave birth to the name L'Robotorium shop. The idea is the "L" looks French, while the pronounciation sounds Spanish. Maybe there's another name that encompasses more nationalities, but this seemed like a good name.

Something else I realized is that after I had learned 3D CAD Modeling, that young pre-schoolers should have access to professional 3D CAD Modeling software too. Sure they need to learn how to draw and color, make letters and write ... but they also should be learning to play with computer 3D CAD Modeling software so they understand and begin learning the math while they master the 3D CAD Modeling software. They might not fully understand the math they use, but the exposure will make math much easier in their education future.

The local User Group Meetings one evening every Month!

Robotics that encourage practicing the 7 R's and the S.T.E.A.M. that should be used in school
Reading, wRiting, aRithmethic, aRt, Remote control, Robotics and Recycling

Yes there are investment opportunities with us

One of our goals is to open an L'Robotorium Shop in your community!

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